Medical Aesthetics


(Botox, Dysport, Xeomin)

Laser treatments

(hair Removal, pigmented lesions, spider veins)


Esthetician Services

(Facials & Waxing)


Wellness Services Offered

1). Hormone evaluation and balancing (adrenal, thyroid and/or sex hormone systems)
2). Chronic inflammation management (looking at long-term health conditions, possible triggers and underlying causes and integrative therapies to manage symptoms and help reduce inflammatory burden on the body)
3). Detoxification—evaluation and therapies to ensure your body is properly metabolizing key hormones & nutrients to avoid a dangerous imbalance in more toxic metabolites that may be more likely to contribute to conditions such as cancer.
4). Gut health evaluation
5). Food & environmental sensitivity evaluation
6). Health screenings (routine pap smear, radiology orders when appropriate for uterine/ovarian ultrasound, breast imaging such as ultrasound or mammogram, wellness lab work, etc).
7). Symptom evaluation—if you are unsure what may be causing your symptoms (things such as fatigue, pain, weight gain or loss, changes to your skin or hair, menstrual changes, fertility problems, etc).


The body is complex, consisting of many moving parts. Any one system that is out of balance can impact other body systems. Research suggests that hormone imbalances are oftentimes an underlying cause of chronic inflammation. Gut health affects our ability to absorb nutrients which are the building blocks of our immune system and endocrine (hormone) systems. Sensitivities that we may have to certain foods or chemicals in our environments can lead to poor gut health. Sometimes, what seems to be a simple problem may have root causes that can be surprising or unexpected. When these issues are left untreated, chronic health problems tend to evolve that threaten quality of life (both physically and mentally) and overall longevity.


When you are seeking wellness promotion or want to find solutions for suspected or known health problems, your whole medical history and any current medications or supplements that you take will be evaluated. Other factors such as family history, sleeping and dietary habits also play an important role. Your first visit will last anywhere from 30-60minutes. Once your history is fully evaluated, our Nurse Practitioner Lisa will recommend any appropriate testing or interventions and provide options to develop a plan that is manageable and affordable for you. While some practices utilize a one-size-fits-all approach, this can be costly and overwhelming. Lisa prefers to individualize testing and treatment so that the pace, price, and lifestyle impact are doable for each person.


Some labs and tests are covered by insurance while others are not. We do our best to work with what you have! Our healthcare provider time is not billed to insurance, but some plans will allow reimbursement to you, and we also accept most HSA/FSA accounts, Care Credit, and “Benny Card”. Your actual provider visit fee ($125 for intake, $55 for follow up appointments) will be charged at the time of your visit. Lab tests and diagnostic imaging may be billed to insurance and tests that are not approved by insurance you will have the option of paying for out of pocket once cost is reviewed with you.

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